Multiple Levels of Support

Your success is the goal of every member of New England College’s (NEC) distance learning team. We have developed a multi-tiered support network that ensures a rich and rewarding experience:

  • Instructors
    The personalized attention from your instructors will engage and challenge you. They are also available to provide support and coaching at a personal level that is difficult to obtain anywhere else.
  • Student Services Manager
    In order to support and encourage you through the entire program, your Student Services Manager acts as your personal advocate in the program and serves as the liaison between you and NEC. Student Services Managers are dedicated to your academic success and handle all of the little details so you can focus on the big picture – your degree.
  • Admissions Advisor
    Your Advisor can answer your questions about the program and the admissions process and guide you through assembling a successful application. He or she then steers your application through the Admissions Committee’s review process.
  • Technical Support Team
    Many of our students learn during “off-hours,” so we provide round-the-clock live technical support to make your learning experience as easy and convenient as possible. You will receive answers that resolve your hardware and software questions regardless of your technical skill.