Program Overview

Find out for yourself how New England College’s quality curriculum can enrich your career.

New England College’s Master of Science in Management – Strategic Leadership – Online will help you identify limitations and mindsets that inhibit strategic thinking, develop a framework for creating strategic options, and discern leadership behaviors that contribute to managing change and uncertainty in your organization and the global business environment. You will learn about organizational development and change, organizational communication, conflict and negotiation, and economics of leadership.

Upon completion of the 36-credit-hour online program, you will have the knowledge and skills to:

  • Evaluating the position of your business;
  • Considering the dynamics of the business environment;
  • Identifying both opportunities and threats in the environment;
  • Analyzing your organization’s capacity for change, relative to its environment;
  • Identifying the key parameters of change for employees; and,
  • Aiding in your own leadership transformation.

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