Program Overview

Find out for yourself how New England College’s quality curriculum can enrich your career.

You can start the program six times per year in spring, summer, or fall.

New England College’s Master of Arts in Public Policy 36-credit hour online program ensures that you acquire four core competencies essential to your future success as you pursue your career in politics, public service, or to simply make a difference as a citizen advocate. The four core competencies are:

  1. A clear understanding of the origins of American political institutions and thought, as well as a foundation in ethics and leadership;
  2. A strong understanding of the key governmental institutions that formulate and implement public policy in our society, including Congress, the Judiciary, the Presidency, and State and Local governments; the role America plays on the world stage, and how our public policy decisions and actions have an impact around the globe;
  3. An in-depth grasp of the political process in America, including the mechanics of campaigns, elections, campaign finance, and the media. In addition, you will be introduced to the political and policy implications of persistent questions of class, poverty, and race in America, and the impact these have on the pursuit of the “American Dream”; and,
  4. An ability to effectively analyze public policy issues, including basic economic analysis, as well as the ability to present arguments persuasively and logically, and to write and speak clearly, correctly, and convincingly. Finally, it is an overarching goal of the Public Policy program that you, as our graduate, will have a renewed desire to play a constructive role in your community, in promoting and expanding the common good.

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