Student Success Stories

Here is what our students have to say about New England College’s online graduate programs:

Deborah Fox“I decided to enroll in an online program as opposed to a traditional classroom program mainly because of my location… commuting to campus was difficult. I’m busy and it would be difficult to squeeze classes into my schedule. This way, I can go home in the evenings and pull up the questions and discussions, do my reading at my leisure and fit it into my time schedule without worrying about commuting back and forth.

This program is a great benefit to me as an Operations Manager. For instance, the very first class I took was Strategic Planning and I really wasn’t aware that we had strategic planning going on at our organization. As I’m going through the course, I’m thinking ‘Wow, this is what our head of schools is talking about!’ and ‘Wow, this is how my job fits into the plan!’ This was a revelation – taking the class has helped make my job easier because I understand the process now.

Participating in this program has definitely changed my career opportunities. Education in itself is necessary to advance. Getting an advanced education shows your boss that you are interested in improving yourself and it is also beneficial if you are looking for another job. This is especially important in the non-profit world where employers are looking for people with the knowledge to help build their organization.”
~ Deborah Fox, MSNPL – Online Student

Hear Deborah speak about her experience in the Master of Science in Management – Nonprofit Leadership online program in-depth and why she chose to enroll in an online program.

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“The classes suit my schedule better than traditional universities. The course offerings are unique and well suited to my current and future career needs.”
~ Linda Matarazzo, MSNPL – Online Student

“My experience as a student at New England College has been wonderful so far. The classes are challenging and informative. The combination of readings, discussions and written assignments has been fundamental to creating a stimulating learning environment.”
~ Colby Herzog, MSNPL – Online Student

YaAdam Fye“I have learned a lot about the structure, function, theory and practice of our government. I have come to realize that ‘the people’ are fictitious and that politics and economics are inseparable.”
~ YaAdam Fye, MSNPL – Online Student

“The interaction with others in the non-profit field from many different locations in the US and outside of the US. This gave valuable support and learning experiences.”
~ Susan Ferreira, MSNPL – Online Student

Lawrence Cowan“I have already described the NEC program to several colleages in the long term care community in which I work. This program is flexible, affordable and unique in that it has allowed me to continue working and having a family life.

I have described this program as one that brings forward a great deal of information that I have already used in my business from developing a program from the ground up (the new rehab department) to developing marketing brochures and information that helped me to sell the service to other healthcare providers.

This program has helped me to fine tune my financial management skills, my marketing and strategic thinking skills and has brought me a great sense of accomplishment.

The faculty and instructors brought a wealth of knowledge to the program and the interactions with staff and students brought a whole new world of education into focus!

The support has been great and I feel that the staff works extremely hard to help the students succeed in their career goals. The information shared from faculty and staff has been detailed, informational and brought me a great deal of insight into other healthcare organizations.

This program has allowed me the opportunity to reach a career milestone that I previously was unsure I would be able to accomplish.”
~ Lawrence Cowan, MSNPL – Online Student

Ronald Messner“The professors were excellent and took every opportunity to understand where the student worked and relate the course material to the student’s individual’s needs.”
~ Ronald Messner, MSNPL – Online Student

“I have a lot of day-to-day experience in the field, and was looking for context that could give me a greater understanding of what I do, how what I do fits into the overall organization, and how I can add additional value to my workplace. Through the MSM program, I have gotten that context!”

“Excellent support.”
~ Kathlyn Huson, MSNPL – Online Student