Student Outcomes

What Our Graduates Say

“I have enjoyed my virtual classmates’ discussions and comments. Our instructors had wonderful feedback on assignments. I enjoyed the professionalism of admissions, student services and technical staff.”

– Seetha Bashyam, Graduate


“I would recommend New England College to a friend because it’s an accredited school where you will have an in-depth learning experience. I feel that the professors had a real grasp of the knowledge. The program has helped in my overall career. I am looking to use this knowledge to further myself. I am truly able to execute my job tasks with greater understanding and at a higher level of performance.”

– Loren Labbe, Graduate


“The administrative support I received starting with admission all the way through graduation was top-notch.”

– Capt. Mark E. Coon, USAF
Online Graduate Student


“This is a reputable school with a friendly and easily accessible staff, from professors to student advisors.”

– Kimberly Van Dorpe
Online Graduate Student