Earn Your Masters in Non-Profit Leadership Online

Helping others may be a selfless act, but it’s also a smart career move.

In the last decade, many for-profit jobs declined while the non-profit sector grew. The non-profit sector is now the third largest employer in the US. According to the 2015 Nonprofit Employment Trends Survey, 50% of groups plan on creating new positions, which is a 6% increase from the previous year.

Gain the tools and skills needed to foster the sustainable growth of non-profit organizations. Use your education to develop or enhance a culture of community, service, and fiscal responsibility in your organization.

Now is the time to earn your Master of Science in Management with a concentration in Non-Profit Leadership from New England College online.

  • Apply with No GRE or GMAT requirements
  • Learn 100% online with flexible scheduling for busy professionals
  • Develop new skills in strategic planning, non-profit governance, and fundraising
  • Get individualized attention with small class sizes

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