Realize Your Future in Forensic Accounting

Recent corporate scandals and the last economic downturn have put a spotlight on the accounting profession. This has increased the demand for accountability and from this a new market with a new breed of accountants — forensic accountants — has emerged.

Prepare yourself for a career in this growing field with an online MSAFA that can help you meet the 150-hour CPA exam requirement*, develop strong analytical and investigative skills, enhance your deductive skills and judgment, and expand your understanding of acceptable accounting practices.

  • 100% online; no required residency
  • No GRE/GMAT requirement
  • Curriculum based on AICPA competencies
  • Pre-requisite courses available for those without an undergraduate degree in accounting

*Please check with your state CPA association or board of accountancy to see if this degree applies to the 150-hour CPA exam requirement.