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Environmental awareness is on the rise, making eco-friendly laws and regulations a top priority. Focus on the environmental issues of today while gaining the tools you need for a successful future. Join the ranks of leading policy makers and analysts and become a driving force for change within your community.
  • No GMAT/GRE required
  • 100% online so you can learn anytime and anywhere
  • Learn from knowledgeable Public Policy faculty experts
  • Hands-on training that utilizes scholary research to inform practice
  • Explore your interests in environmental issues

The Numbers Behind New England College MAPP Graduates*

New England College Delivered - Of the MAPP graduates who responded to the survey...
0% agreed that the MAPP degree expanded their knowledge in the industry
0% agreed that the degree developed their understanding of how America's public policy decisions impact the globe
0% agreed that the degree prepared them to effectively analyze public policy issues
0% of the New England College MAPP responders are currently employed
*Data is from the 2013 New England College MAPP Graduate Survey.