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The Numbers Behind New England College MSM Graduates*
96% agreed that the MSM degree expanded their knowledge in the industry  
95% agreed that the MSM degree developed their skills in organizational management, decision-making, project management, communication, finance, ethics, strategy, policy and planning  
90% agreed that the degree helped them to become more competitive in the job marketplace  
85% agreed that the degree prepared them for a
leadership role
*Data is from the 2013 New England College MSM Graduate Survey fielded in August 2014.

When it comes to business and banking, numbers mean everything. But in order to fully understand how numbers come about and how to manipulate them, it helps to have a comprehensive grasp of the financial management process. New England College’s Master of Science in Banking & Financial Management (MSBFM) online program teaches you just that.

The program provides you with a solid understanding of effective leadership and project management skills, financial and managerial accounting, strategic planning, financial risk and global operations. It culminates with a practical problem-solving Capstone Project, where you apply what you’ve learned — knowledge that you can also apply to your financial career long after your time at New England College.

Through online courses, the MSBFM can be completed in less than two years. The program helps you become a better team leader or run your own consulting firm. Get started today to create new opportunities for your tomorrow.

Program highlights:

  • Provides you with tools to help you tackle specific real-world financial issues including merger and acquisition process and buyout transactions.
  • Well-rounded 36 credit hour program that covers everything from day-to-day financial practices all the way to global operation.
  • Four credit hour courses, each focusing on one segment of the financial marketplace.
  • Convenient online course schedule made specifically for working professionals like you.

Learn more about the MSBFM by filling out the form on this page.

"The program has placed me in a better competitive position, in terms of job search and job security. I am more confident of myself more than ever before. It has given me the opportunity to spread my wings. I never had this until this moment. It has increased my knowledge concerning financial management."

- Boniface Egbodion, MSM / MSBFM Graduate