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Today’s global business environment is fiercely competitive. Organizations of every size rely on accounting professionals to give them an edge by ensuring their financial assets are in order. Changing financial laws and increased scrutiny of both public and private sector institutions also contribute to the demand for individuals well-versed in the latest accounting principles and procedures. That’s why New England College (NEC) offers a Master of Science in Accounting – Online (MSA) program that is expertly crafted to help you:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the role accounting plays in business and society.
  • Expand your existing expertise and acquire the most recent discipline-specific knowledge.
  • Advance your critical thinking and problem solving abilities as you use accounting information to make decisions and evaluate business practices.
  • Sharpen your communication skills and cultivate the leadership acumen to thrive as an accounting professional in private corporations, the government, non-profits, or on behalf of individuals.

Accounting is the language of business – a means by which organizations communicate vital financial information. It’s an essential profession that continues to offer outstanding opportunities for the future. If you’re ready to let NEC help you prepare for the CPA exam and join next generation of accounting professionals, fill out the form on this page to learn more about our Master of Science in Accounting – Online program.

"The quality of the faculty and staff has far surpassed the expectations I had coming into the program and matches anything I have experienced in my previous law and graduate school experience. The NEC Master’s degree will be something I will look on with pride. I know I will be more than adequately prepared for the CPA exam and my future accounting career."

- Doni Mooberry, MSA online Student