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Matters of public policy affect nearly every aspect of our lives. From education to the environment, today’s social issues are growing in both complexity and magnitude. Public and private sector institutions around the world rely on experienced policy analysts to identify these mounting societal challenges and deliver innovative solutions to effectively address them. New England College’s (NEC) Master of Arts in Public Policy – Online (MAPP) program is designed to help you shape 21st century public policy.

Prepare to broaden your impact as a leader in your organization and the community by enrolling in a program that is:

    • Comprehensive: Heighten your foundational knowledge in public policy, the legislative process, economics, and ethics in government.


    • Relevant:Benefit from a forward-thinking curriculum that addresses current issues and trends in the political environment.


    • Focused: Develop the critical thinking skills to evaluate public policy, analyze and interpret data, and deliver creative solutions for complex issues.


    • Credible: Interact with and learn from NEC’s distinguished faculty who hold diverse roles in public policy and offer fresh perspectives on today’s political environment.


  • Convenient: Enjoy the accessibility of our 100 percent online program, and graduate with your degree in as few as two years.

Earning an advanced degree in public policy can offer you more than just a great career path – it can prepare you to help shape the meaningful policies that can impact society for years to come.

Are you ready to be a force for change? We encourage you to fill out the form on this page to learn more about NEC’s Master of Arts in Public Policy – Online.

"The MAPP program at NEC was designed in such a way it accomodated my life outside of school. It was a perfect balance of work, family and school."

- Patricia Kiswaga