Student Success Stories

Here is what our students have to say about New England College’s online graduate programs:

Honor Page“I decided to enroll in an online based program, instead of a traditional classroom program because like many people in my situation I work full-time and I have a family. My education is very important to me and having a high-quality program that fit into my life was key. These needs were met by my online program at New England College.

Participating in this program has changed my career opportunities. Previous to this program, I was practicing in a clinical position and had quite a bit of experience in that area. Now, I’ve found that I’ve been able to change roles in my job and am able to participate in a more administrative role. It’s a wonderful combination to be able to use my clinical skills and these new administrative skills that I learned in the program.”

~ Honor Page, Online MS in Management/Healthcare Administration Student

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“It has potentially opened up new areas of opportunity for me, and made me a more well rounded and useful employee.”

~ Kathlyn Huson, Online MS in Management/Healthcare Administration Student

Juan Desueza“The course organization was superb. I also enjoy the incredible skills from facilitators that kept peer interaction always at a professional level.”

~ Juan Desueza, MD, Online MS in Management/Healthcare Administration Student

Denise Byron“I enjoyed working with a variety of professionals via discussion board assignments. Fellow students were helpful and knowledgeable and respectful of other’s opinions. The continual support of classmates was excellent.”

~ Denise Byron, Online MS in Management/Healthcare Administration Student

“An excellent way for an adult learner to pursue an advanced degree. The 24/7 access made it the perfect solution for someone with a demanding job and changing schedule.”

~ Nancy Fiamingo, Online MS in Management/Healthcare Administration Student

Beverly Jo Schrickel“Classes were very informative and the staff was extremely supportive.

Besides helping me excel within my organization, it has provided me an expanded knowledge in the operations of my hospital.”

~ Beverly Jo Schrickel, Online MS in Management/Healthcare Administration Student

Anne Ricketts“I am in a better position to compete for administrative positions in the healthcare field. I also have a greater understanding of budgeting, capital investments, and other HR functions.”

~ Anne Ricketts, Online MS in Management/Healthcare Administration Student

Michael Miller“A great institution to consider if you want to get an online advanced degree.

Every class touched on something that was helpful to me in at least some way. It helped to open my eyes to better management ideas and skills and provided me with information to make me a better person, manager and help my staff improve themselves as well.

The structure of this program kept me interested and wanting to work and I enjoyed working with all of the students and NEC faculty and staff I have come into contact with along the way. My immediate supervisor has told me that he sees improvement in managing of my staff.”

~ Michael Miller, Online MS in Management/Healthcare Administration Student

“Being an online student at New England College has been a rewarding experience. I picked NEC because of the liberal arts focus and its strong history of giving to the community.

The online program was challenging. The forum and discussion postings tied the course material together wonderfully.

The program has helped me become more focused both personally and professionally. It has helped steer me into the direction of becoming a Senior Manager at my organization.

The faculty are experienced industry leaders and skilled teaching professionals. Their real life experience made me feel like they truly understood the material they presented to us.

I feel my advisor was there for me whenever I needed her.

It is with pleasure that I recommend the Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration graduate program to my fellow colleagues.”

~ Lisa Gloddy, Online MS in Management/Healthcare Administration Student