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Efficient project management has become an essential element in the success of global organizations. That’s why an increasing emphasis on strong project management has taken hold of the corporate world, with 4 in 5 organizations saying that soft skills are more important in 2018 than they were five years ago. Additionally, though 66% of organizations say that it’s very difficult to find resources that teach technical project management skills, a staggering 90% believe that technical project management skills can be taught.

The Master of Science in Management Degree

As more and more companies recognize the unique value that qualified project managers bring to the table, an increasing number of students are working toward PM careers. For students interested in taking advantage of this trend, a Master of Science in Management degree can be an important first step.

How Project Managers Boost Organizational Success

Organizations that implement proven project management strategies waste 21 times less money than organizations that do not. In addition, 80% of high-performing projects have a certified project manager in charge. It’s clear that trained project managers make an important difference in the success of their organizations.

Growth and Training

As more companies recognize the value of project management, salaries for trained professionals are going up. Indeed, a 2018 global survey revealed that 70% of project managers said their compensation had increased in the last 12 months. Advanced training can help students better position themselves for advancement in this environment.

If you are interested in pursuing a project management career, a Master of Science in Management degree can put you on the right path. Learn more about your potential career in the infographic below:

An infographic about the Master of Science in Management degree with a project management focus by New England College

Infographic Sources:

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5 reasons to pursue

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