Project Management Twitter Accounts to Follow Now

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Twitter gives experts from all industries a platform for sharing information in real-time, allowing for timely commentary on topics as developments occur. Users can highlight and expand on a speech being given at an industry conference, or link to a developing news story and discuss possible effects on their area of expertise. A search for the term “project management” on Twitter yields an overwhelming number of results, so who are the industry experts to follow?


@PMInstitute – The Project Management Institute (PMI) is the world’s leading not-for-profit professional membership association for the project, program, and portfolio management profession. Representing more than 2.9 million project management professionals, the PMI promotes advocacy, education, research, and helps advance the discipline through its globally recognized standards, certifications, publications, and professional development courses.  Their Twitter account is highly active, sharing links to reports, resources, and engaging its followers in conversation every few hours.

@ProjectTips – From the makers of the project management software,, this account shares advice, tips, and strategy from management and leadership thought leaders. Many of their tweets link back to their blog, which updates regularly with posts on project management, productivity, and leadership.

@pm4girls – Elizabeth Harrin began her website, the Girl’s Guide to Project Management, when she “realized that there weren’t enough women writing and speaking about project management, although there were plenty working very hard at it.” The project manager and author is a social media powerhouse, sharing articles, resources, and tips throughout the day (in fact, she tweeted three times in the time it took us to write this post!).
@corneliusficht – Cornelius Fichtner is a project manager, Project Management Professional (PMP) certification trainer, public speaker, and the host of The PM Podcast. His podcast provides invaluable information on a variety of topics of interest to any project manager, and with over 350 episodes in its archives there’s a wealth of information available. But his Twitter feed adds additional value, with links to helpful resources for students working towards their PMP certification.
@pmhutThe Project Management Hut bills themselves as the largest database of categorized articles on project management on the internet. Since 2007, the group of project managers has pooled their resources together and made their vast experience available to anyone free of charge, and their Twitter feed shares new content daily. No matter your need, there is a resource on The Project Management Hut that can help.