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Though you might not think of accounting as a social career, many professionals in the field have developed an engaging social presence. Twitter gives experts from all industries a platform for sharing information in real time, allowing for timely commentary on topics as developments occur. With a mix of news stories, personal opinions, humor, and advice, it can be a well-curated source of updates and can act as an information aggregator – but only if you know who to follow. 

Accounting Today – The feed for, delivers free articles, news, tips, reporting on tax and financial issues, podcasts of interviews and speeches from thought leaders in the industry, plus other information of interest to CPAs.

American Institute of CPAs – The AICPA offers many individual Twitter feeds, but if you only follow one then we recommend their Journal of Accountancy. They tweet fairly frequently, sharing articles, videos, and industry updates.

Richard Chambers, CEO of the Institute of Internal Auditors – A 30-year veteran of the industry, Richard has earned the privilege to speak with authority on Twitter. He often links to economic surveys and data, as well as reports on conferences, and engages his followers in discussion on what he shares.

Tom Hood, CEO of the Maryland Association of CPAs — As one of the most respected thought leaders in the industry, Tom tweets from just about every accounting industry event and is often also one of the keynote speakers.

Greg Kyte, CPA and comedian – the title may seem like an oxymoron, but only if you don’t already follow Greg Kyte’s consistently hilarious feed of punny links to accounting news stories. If you can make a (good!) joke about tax policy, auditor rotation, and your Black(Crack)Berry, you have to be funny.

Gabrielle Luoma, CPA – Gabrielle owns her own small CPA firm and tweets advice and inspirational quotes from this perspective. She also often has a seat at some of the more progressive accounting conferences of the year, extending these conversations to her feed so her followers can share her insights.

Francine McKenna, CPA – As a freelance writer and CPA, Francine’s Twitter feed helps aggregate much of the content she’s contributed to industry blogs and publications based on her years of experience as a consultant and big four accountant. She also actively engages with her followers, asking and answering tough questions, and earning her the nickname of “the accounting truth-teller.”

Jody Padar, CPA and CEO of New Vision CPA Group – Jody runs her own small CPA firm and is a spokesperson for the emerging trend of tech savvy “digital CPAs.” If you want some insight on the future of the profession, give her a follow.

Roger Philipp, CPA and CEO of Roger CPA Review – If you’re studying for your CPA exam and need some extra motivation, Roger has to be one of the most enthusiastic CPA Review instructors going.

And as a bonus, the IRS — too many to mention them all, but some of our favorites include @IRSnews, @IRStaxpros, @YourVoiceAtIRS, @DianneIRS, @BillB_IRS, @MichaelD_IRS, and @JennyIRS.


Of course, another of our favourite accounts is @NECOnlineMSA!