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Over the last decade, the global economy has changed dramatically:  corporations have been forced to find ways to reduce expenses and raise revenues while law enforcement agencies have had to increase their attention on financial crimes. At the forefront of these changes are accounting professionals. According to the American Institute of CPAs report, 2015 Trends in the Supply of Accounting Graduates and Demand for Public Accounting Recruits, record levels of graduates with a Master’s Degree in Accounting were hired in 2014, and this trend is projected to continue. The job market is strong, and employment opportunities available include taxation, auditing, forensic accounting, financial forecasting, and budgeting. An advanced degree opens doors to a wide variety of exciting opportunities across the globe. U.S. News and World Report recently surveyed 565 employers; 45% specifically indicated they plan to hire a Master of Accounting graduate in the coming year. Are you craving a new professional challenge, job advancement, and security?

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Time Travel Not Required to Earn a Degree

Before the advent and expansion of online degree programs, mid-career professionals had to choose whether to further their education and put their careers on hold or skip earning the degree altogether. Traditional programs require hours of lectures, and frankly, the vast majority of accounting professionals do not have the time to dedicate to an onsite degree. Many have lamented over not earning a Master’s degree earlier in their careers, or directly after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree. If you are one of these individuals, lament no more. In less than 2 years, a career-changing Online Master’s in Accounting degree is achievable. Programs focus on advanced accounting practices, preparation for the CPA examination, and the opportunity to select a specialization. Upon graduation, job opportunities abound throughout government, nonprofits, public accountancy firms, management consulting agencies, and multi-national corporations.

Dynamic, Exciting, and Rewarding Positions
At one time, the accounting professional was stigmatized: many believed accountants only filed tax returns, and worked in banks or financial institutions. This is simply not the case. Today, they are integral to the formulation of strategic expansion plans, are central in mergers and acquisitions, work at the highest levels of government in budgeting, auditing, financial planning, and law enforcement. No longer in the background, accounting pros are in every industry, in every business sector, using their expertise and knowledge to ensure executives have the information necessary to successfully complete the mission of the organization.

Financial Security, Job Security and Advancement
As mentioned above, a record number of accounting graduates were hired in 2014. The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a 13% increase in Accountants and Auditors jobs between 2012 and 2022. Salaries for graduates vary widely depending on industry, specialization, professional certifications and licensing, and market area. In 2012 (the latest data available), the median wage for a Financial Manager was $109,740, with many jobs in large corporations, and government paying significantly higher. As the economy continues to strengthen, the sector may see greater growth than projected in both salary potential, and job inventory.

Accountants today are catalysts – catalysts of change, security, profits, and justice. Corporations will continue to focus on profits, governments will focus on balancing budgets, and law enforcement will continue to increase expansion of financial crimes divisions as incidents of cyber fraud, money laundering and securities violations continue to soar. The barrier of earning a degree, is a barrier no more; take advantage of the growing economy, the abundant jobs, high wages, and challenging new positions now.