4 Federal Agencies Hiring Accounting Professionals

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According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the federal government is the country’s largest employer, and job opportunities exist for graduates with master’s degrees in accounting. Accounting professionals serve various governmental agencies and departments, including the Congressional Budget Office, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Agriculture, and the FBI.

Discover four federal government institutions that employ accounting professionals and find out what type of accounting work you could perform for them.

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Investigate and Analyze Data for the Department of Justice

The DOJ enforces laws and ensures fair and impartial justice for all Americans. How do accounting professionals fit into its mission? Accountants are central to the department’s daily operations, such as budgeting and financial management. Accountants may also serve on investigation teams focusing on data analysis, auditing, and forensic accounting.

Help Department of Education Staffers Oversee Student Loans

The Department of Education also relies on accounting professionals. Employees within the Federal Student Aid office help department staff manage more than $1 trillion in student education loans, identify accounting and budgetary problems, and help maintain healthy accounting and budget practices.

Manage Finances for the Judicial Branch and U.S. Federal Courts

The judicial branch of the U.S. government oversees federal courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court. Many positions within federal agencies are stationed in Washington D.C., but positions within federal courts can be found nationally.

For example, the financial policy analyst manages finances and budgets, financial management research and analysis, and high-level accounting coordination with other departments and agencies.

Supervise Accounting Operations Within the Department of Homeland Security

The DHS protects the safety and security of citizens within the U.S. borders. More than 240,000 employees, including accounting professionals, serve this department, according to the DHS website.

Supervisory accountants support operational functions. Budget officers perform accounting system analysis and reconcile accounting reports, while contract specialists manage service and product contracts.

In addition to salaries, many of the accounting positions described here offer benefits such as group life insurance, dental and vision coverage, health benefits, FSA, long-term care insurance, and retirement and pension plans, according to information from USA.gov. Some U.S. government positions may also allow telecommuting.

Are you thinking of pursuing an accounting career with the federal government? Search USAJobs.gov using the keyword accounting to find job announcements for specific federal agencies and departments. With a master’s degree in accounting, you could create a rewarding career path working for the federal government.