Message from the Dean

Banking and finance is one of the oldest and most fundamental sectors of the American economy. In order to withstand the pressures of new laws, values, competition, technology, international developments, and customer needs and expectations, this industry must attract leaders who can Message from the adapt accordingly.

Banks and other financial institutions now know that they must view themselves as not only agents in the monetary system, but as providers of customer service as well. Leaders in financial institutions are now looking inward at their companies’ strengths and weaknesses to learn how to position themselves for maximizing opportunities and minimizing threats in their environment. “Tomorrow’s Bank” must be able to provide a wide range of financial services to both individuals and to businesses to ensure competitiveness and sustainability, including retail and merchant banking, finance houses, and trust and investment services.

Typical industry-wide weaknesses, such as bureaucracy, insufficient communications, and ineffective training must be overcome by taking hold of opportunities in the regional, segment, and niche markets. The demand for qualified financial managers who are able to lead their organizations to this new level has dramatically increased. Highly qualified managers will have a combination of technical and managerial skills obtained through experience and a graduate degree in their field.

The New England College (NEC) Master of Science in Management – Banking & Financial Management (MSBFM) online program is designed to respond to the emergence of these new business requirements by offering financial professionals the tools to lead their institutions into the future. By focusing on knowledge specific to banking and financial management, NEC’s MSBFM program more accurately targets students’ needs than a general MBA degree.

I look forward to welcoming you to New England College.


Dean of Graduate and Professional Studies
Nelly Lejter, Ph.D.
Dean of Graduate and Professional Studies
New England College
School of Graduate and Professional Studies