Message from the Dean

High profile business scandals – such as Enron and WorldCom – have heightened the public’s awareness of corporate malfeasance and their intolerance of fraudulent activity. People are tired of white-collar criminals getting little by way of reprimand while the rest of the Nation suffers financial hardships. In addition to assisting with the investigation of white-collar crimes, forensic accountants also play key roles in contentious civil cases such as the O.J. Simpson and Conrad Black trials.

It’s no surprise that the demand for Forensic Accountants is growing. New England College is proud to respond to this trend by offering a concentration to its Master of Science in Accounting program: the Master of Science in Accounting – Forensic Accounting (MSAFA). This concentration in accounting is designed to help you focus on the exciting and popular field of forensic accounting.

I am pleased you’re considering the MSAFA concentration. If you’re interested in earning an accounting degree that promises to be more than a standard corporate desk-job, then NEC’s Forensic Accounting program might be perfect for you.

I look forward to welcoming you to New England College.


Dean of Graduate and Professional Studies

Nelly Lejter, PhD
Dean of Graduate and Professional Studies
New England College
School of Graduate and Professional Studies